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I was watching the presidential debate last night when it hit me:

The most memorable thing I remember from the 2008 debates was getting my first three-star tweet. And the only reason I knew it got three-stars is because it showed up on Favrd. I called out to my wife and said, “I GOT ON FAVRD!”

She said, “WHAT’S FAVRD?”

Four years.


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This is so perfect, I don’t even.
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This is so perfect, I don’t even.

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Twitter: The Criterion Collection

What if Twitter… came to life?

We asked some of our friends to film their favorite tweets. We didn’t care how they did it. They could read it. They could act it. They could do it with puppets. Whatever they wanted. The only rules were it had to be a tweet written by someone else and it had to contain the entire tweet and nothing but the tweet.

This is what they gave us.

We hope you enjoy it.

@poeks & @sween

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Is this an instrument of terrorism? Zoom Image

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