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Monday Morning: 2014 Toyota RAV4 Commercial

This is it. This is my favourite thing I’ve written since I started working as a copywriter. And the funny thing is… it’s not even the spot we were supposed to produce.

We had a whole other spot ready to go. A script was written, the client had approved it, and a director had been selected. And then, about two weeks before shooting was supposed to start, we discovered a car company in the States had released a spot around a year ago based on the exact same idea. Like, even the name of the spot was the same.

Cue frantic writing.

The original basis for this spot was actually a radio script I had written for the same campaign. But we realized if we turned it into a TV spot, we could do something… so fun. And then we then convinced everyone else we could do it.

And then we did it.

I love this spot. Love love love it.

Go full-screen. Go HD. I think you’ll see why.

(My job is fun.)

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Tough for Years: 2014 Toyota Tundra Commercial

Here’s another spot I wrote for Toyota! This one’s about trucks!

I have to write so much about trucks, you would think I actually know something about trucks.

But you would be wrong.

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Hey, remember when I said there was one more Doug & Barry video to be released?

Well, here ya go, ya mooks.

I think you’ll find it… how do you say?… “has my voice”.

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jason sweeney: copywriter

It’s taken me about two-and-a-half years as a copywriter, but I actually have a freaking portfolio.

Which blows my mind.

(It’s easily blown.)

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Who wants to look at something else I did for work?

[One hand is tentatively raised.]

Well then, here’s another spot I wrote for Toyota! This one’s for the RAV4.

(Open it up full screen to experience it in all its blue-screen majesty.)

Interesting fact: If you listen very carefully, you can hear me singing background vocals!

No. Wait. Come back.


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Yet another Doug & Barry video! Yay!

I giggled quietly to myself when I wrote this one, because I assumed it was so stupid, it would immediately get killed.

I was wrong.

It’s only 15 seconds. Have at it.

(There’s only one more video in the series and it hasn’t been released yet. It’s my favorite.)

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Hey, remember last month when I posted the first of the Doug & Barry videos I wrote for Toyota? Here’s the next one! It’s called “Kung-fu Master”.

(I’m really proud of this one.)

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Here’s the second Doug & Barry spot. It’s a wee 15-second spot. They’ll release the rest throughout the year.



PS: Look carefully. Someone’s got a cameo in this one.


PPS: It’s me.

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One of my recent jobs was coming up with spots for Toyota showcasing their retail offers. They wanted to be able to use them for “pre-roll ads”. (Pre-roll ads are the spots you have to watch before you get to watch the video you actually want to watch.)

Knowing how everyone feels about pre-roll ads — primarily massive hatred — I figured we should at least try to make them as fun as we can.

And so was born Doug & Barry.

We made five video spots in one day (which is crazy) and then another six radio spots on another day.

This is the first one. I hope you enjoy it.

(These were a lot of fun to make.)

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The Competition: Lil’ Miss Prairie

Remember the Toyota video I posted way back… yesterday?

Well, here’s the second spot in that campaign!

Take a look at the girls in this one. Crazy good. We didn’t know if any of them had any “talents” at all when we cast them. We just gave them a bunch of props before we shot and had them pick the one they want to use. We just hoped they wouldn’t kill themselves. Boy, were we surprised.

One girl could hula-hoop while walking and curtsying. And when we cut and told them all to go back to their places, she’d turn around and walk back to her mark, hula-hooping the whole way. Amazing.

But boy… did they eat a lot of chocolate. (Sorry, parents.)

I hope you like it.

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The Competition: Giant Pumpkin Contest

Hey, party people. Here’s another spot I wrote for work!

This one was a lot of fun to create and I hope everyone takes a look at it.

Because if this does well, they just might give me free rein do some of the crazier ideas I have.

And boy… have I got crazier ideas.

[Cut to shot of me cackling madly atop a mountain with lightning shooting from my butt.]

Yeah. That much crazier.

So please, take a look. Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your childhood pets.

I implore you — do it for the butt lightning.

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Think Again: 2012 Toyota Tundra Commercial

Remember when I said I hoped to be able to show you some of the work I’ve been doing as a copywriter?

Well, what you’re looking at here is the very first TV commercial I ever wrote. So that’s neat.

(Well… technically, it’s like the twentieth commercial I ever wrote, but this is the first one I ever wrote that was then actually picked by the client to be produced for real money.)

It’s got fathers and sons, math, true love, and one big-ass truck.

I’m sort of excited. I hope you like it.

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Stupid Creative Job

I don’t post as much online as I want to these days. I don’t write as many tweets as I want to. I don’t draw as many pictures as I want to. I don’t tell as many fun stories as I want to.

I do write some tweets. I do take some photos. I do tell some stories. But I don’t get to do as much with them as I’d like to. I don’t get to put as much thought into them as I’d like to.

The problem is… I have to use my stupid creativity for my stupid job now.

I spend all day coming up with ideas and stories and so much other stuff that by the time I’m done work for the day, my brain is either a) still thinking about all the stuff I’m doing at work, or b) doing whatever the brain equivalent of drooling is.

So that’s why I don’t get to put as much stuff online as I’d like and that’s why I don’t get to play with you all as much as I want.

I have a stupid job that wants me to use my stupid creativity for them.

It’s stupidly fun.

I’m working in advertising. I’m a copywriter. (I write ads. And other stuff.) And soon, I hope to have some things I can show you. (Like ads. And other stuff.) Things I’ve written myself. Things clients have then approved. And produced. For money. Things I’m really excited to share with you.

I wouldn’t have this job — which I love — without having done everything I’ve done online. And I couldn’t have done what I’ve done online without everyone who’s a part of this group of spectacular weirdos supporting me.

So… thanks.

And I’m sorry. I’m sorry I haven’t posted more. And I’m sorry I’m not always around. But I’m still making stuff up.

I really hope you’ll like it.