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The Competition: Lil’ Miss Prairie

Remember the Toyota video I posted way back… yesterday?

Well, here’s the second spot in that campaign!

Take a look at the girls in this one. Crazy good. We didn’t know if any of them had any “talents” at all when we cast them. We just gave them a bunch of props before we shot and had them pick the one they want to use. We just hoped they wouldn’t kill themselves. Boy, were we surprised.

One girl could hula-hoop while walking and curtsying. And when we cut and told them all to go back to their places, she’d turn around and walk back to her mark, hula-hooping the whole way. Amazing.

But boy… did they eat a lot of chocolate. (Sorry, parents.)

I hope you like it.



  1. ungracefulme said: Jason, this is fantastic! Great job!
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